Building XCFun


  • A C++ compiler compliant with the C++11 standard. See here for a list of compatible compilers.

  • The CMake build system generator. Version 3.11 or later is required. To install a recent version of CMake locally:

    $ CMAKE_VERSION=3.14.7
    $ target_path=$HOME/Deps/cmake/$CMAKE_VERSION
    $ cmake_url="${CMAKE_VERSION%.*}/cmake-${CMAKE_VERSION}-Linux-x86_64.tar.gz"
    $ mkdir -p "$target_path"
    $ curl -Ls "$cmake_url" | tar -xz -C "$target_path" --strip-components=1
    $ export PATH=$HOME/Deps/cmake/$CMAKE_VERSION/bin${PATH:+:$PATH}

Optional dependencies

To compile the standalone examples:

  • A Fortran compiler with complete iso_c_binding support.

  • A C compiler compliant with the C99 standard.

To compile the Python bindings:

  • Python 3.6+ and its development libraries and headers.

  • pybind11. This will be automatically downloaded if not available.

  • Other dependencies listed in the requirements.txt or environment.yml files.

To compile the documentation:

Configuring, building, testing

  1. Clone the repository from GitHub or download a tarball with the sources.

  2. Configure:

    $ cmake -H. -Bbuild -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<install-prefix>

    We also provide a Python script as front-end to CMake, see Compilation options.

  3. Build:

    $ cd build
    $ make
  4. Test:

    $ ctest
  5. Install:

    $ make install

Congratulations, you are all set to use XCFun! Read on for details on Using XCFun.

Compilation options

A Python script called setup is made available as a front-end to CMake. The basic configuration command:

$ cmake -H. -Bbuild -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<install-prefix>

translates to the following invocation of the setup script:

$ python setup --prefix=<install-prefix>

The script’s options mirror exactly the options you can set by directly using CMake.

  • --cxx / CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER. The C++ compiler to use to compile the library.

  • --type / CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE. Any of the build types recognized by CMake, i.e. debug, release, and so forth.

  • <build-dir> / -B<build-dir>. The location of the build folder.

  • --xcmaxorder / XCFUN_MAX_ORDER. Maximum derivative order, defaults to 6.

  • --pybindings / XCFUN_PYTHON_INTERFACE. Enable compilation of Python bindings, defaults to OFF.

  • --static / BUILD_SHARED_LIBS. Compile only the static library, defaults to OFF, building the shared library only.

  • ENABLE_TESTALL. Whether to compile unit tests. ON by default. To toggle it OFF when using the setup script use --cmake-options="-DENABLE_TESTALL=OFF".

Building the documentation

To build the documentation:

$ cd docs
$ make html


$ sphinx-build docs _build -t html

Bumping versions

To bump a version you should edit the cmake/custom/xcfun.cmake, src/version_info.hpp, and docs/ files.